In the 1980s Jeff Spicoli lost his large sausage and double cheese to Mr. Hand, and Pizza the Hut ate himself to death in a limousine. Also, around the same time a couple of kids named GEORGE and Dan met. Together they grew up eating heaps of pizza at their favourite neighbourhood pizzerias.

Fast forward to 2015, design minded GEORGE and Dan partnered with award-winning chef NICK to open a taco joint named Bent Taco. (Wait. What? You were probably thinking pizza—so were the three guys, but that’s another story). Anyways, Bent Taco took on a life of its own, but through the years NICK, GEORGE and Dan continued to dream about the pizza joint. It took a global pandemic and a repurposed 1980s phonebooth, but finally Later Pizza was a reality! But it didn't end there...

In their continued quest, to make the perfect 'za, the three guys teamed up with one of the best in the pizza game—Noel Brohner (Aka: The Pizza Assassin, Aka: The Pizza Dough Maestro, Aka: the Dough Guru). Ya, he is pretty much the go-to pizza guy for A-list chef/celebrities such as Tom Hanks and more importantly Eric Warhiem. Foodheim for life!

Over the next few months, Noel and NICK began to collaborate — they collabed hard—damn hard—into the wee hours of the night. They were unstoppable! With Noel’s unparalleled pizza dough knowledge and NICK's knack for creating addictive/unique flavour combinations, they finally arrived on something they were truly happy with. And that’s the Later Pizza menu you see before you—So much ‘za, salad and garlies.